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Improving river health

South Australian ties to the River Murray are strong. A healthy river environment is essential to the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of South Australians.

It’s the lifeblood of our agricultural industry and river communities, supporting local and national economic growth and production for current and future generations.

We identify closely with the river, its iconic landscape, its history and heritage, and its importance for tourism, recreation, sport and leisure.

And much of our precious natural environment depends on it.

But for too long, too much water has been taken out of the river, causing both economic and environmental problems along the River Murray.

During the drought these problems became so serious that, despite five years of rains, areas of the river are yet to recover.

The State Government is working to implement a range of activities and projects that, collectively, will return the river environment to health and support local communities and industries, including agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Environmental projects are being implemented that will help to deliver water for the environment to the floodplain. Projects include the construction of regulators that will support natural wetting and drying of key wetlands, and fishways to help fish navigate the river.

We’re working to ensure water for the environment is delivered to support healthy environments along the River and its floodplains, and in the Lower Lakes and Coorong.

We’re working with upstream states to improve the health of the river through the Basin Plan and other collective programs.

We’re assisting irrigators to modernise their on-farm irrigation infrastructure while also returning water for the environment.

We owe it to our future generations of South Australians to ensure we have a healthy, working River Murray.

The changes we are aiming for will not happen overnight…this is a long term journey to return to the river to health.