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Ships' graveyards of South Australia

There are 19 ships' graveyards located in waters around South Australia, with the largest concentration of sites near metropolitan Adelaide. The vessels can be found in a variety of locations from muddy banks, tidal creeks or amongst the mangroves. Others have been scuttled at sea in shallow coastal waters and deeper below the surface.

Many of the ships' graveyard sites that are either permanently exposed, or uncovered at low tide, are best viewed from the water. The ships' graveyard sites along the metropolitan Adelaide coast contain vessels which have been purposely sunk to become artificial reefs and are easily accessible to divers. Find out how you can access each of the graveyards.

It is also suggested that there are more graveyard location sites in coastal waters and along the River Murray that are yet to be confirmed.

Click on the numbers on the map below to find out more about the ships' graveyards.

Ships' graveyards of South Australia