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State Herbarium volunteers


Volunteers contribute in many ways to the building and curation of the collections of the State Herbarium of South Australia, as well as to our various research programs. Their invaluable contribution enables the State Herbarium to continue to house a world class collection of more than one million specimens.

We are always happy to hear from interested people who want to help. Volunteers from all backgrounds, with or without botanical training, can help with a variety of tasks. Some can be learnt quickly with no previous experience; others require some botanical training or knowledge.

Given the permanent scientific - and in many cases, irreplaceable - nature of the herbarium collection, all tasks require particular care and attention to detail. The work is of a curatorial/technical nature. There is some scope to assist with research projects or even engage in approved, personal research projects under guidance, with approval of the Chief Botanist. The main requirements for volunteers are self-motivation and general interest in plants and/or the environment.

Two different types of volunteer role exist at the State Herbarium:

  1. State Herbarium Volunteers - people assisting with the general tasks of the Herbarium
  2. Honorary Research Associates - people working on approved, personal research projects under the auspices of the State Herbarium. Volunteers in this group are usually highly skilled such as retired professional botanists, and the position is an official appointment made by the Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium.

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