South Australian Heritage Council Meetings 2015-2021


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
February 18AgendaMinutes
March 29Agenda Minutes
April 23AgendaMinutes
May 20AgendaMinutes
June 24AgendaMinutes
August 5AgendaMinutes
September 24AgendaMinutes
October 11
November 4AgendaMinutes
December 16AgendaMinutes


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
Council news
February 13AgendaMinutes
February 26AgendaMinutes
April 9AgendaMinutes
May 14AgendaMinutes
June 11AgendaMinutesNews
July 16AgendaMinutesNews
July 23AgendaMinutesNews
August 13AgendaMinutesNews
September 24AgendaMinutesNews
October 22AgendaMinutesNews
December 10AgendaMinutesNews


Meeting date

Meeting agendaMeeting minutes
February 14AgendaMinutes
March 22AgendaMinutes
April 11AgendaMinutes
April 18AgendaMinutes
June 6AgendaMinutes
July 11AgendaMinutes
August 1AgendaMinutes
September 12AgendaMinutes
October 31AgendaMinutes
November 7This meeting was held in confidence under Section 7 (6) of the Heritage Places Act 1993.
December 12AgendaMinutes


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
February 21AgendaMinutes
April 19AgendaMinutes
June 7AgendaMinutes
July 5AgendaMinutes
July 23AgendaMinutes
August 23AgendaMinutes
October 23AgendaMinutes
December 6AgendaMinutes


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
March 1AgendaMinutes
May 17AgendaMinutes
June 7AgendaMinutes
July 5AgendaMinutes
August 30AgendaMinutes
October 18AgendaMinutes
December 6AgendaMinutes


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
December 7AgendaMinutes
October 19AgendaMinutes
September 7AgendaMinutes
August 24AgendaMinutes
July 13AgendaMinutes
May 25AgendaMinutes
March 16AgendaMinutes
February 17AgendaMinutes


Meeting date

Meeting agenda
Meeting minutes
December 9AgendaMinutes
November 11AgendaMinutes
October 14AgendaMinutes
September 16AgendaMinutes
August 12AgendaMinutes
July 15AgendaMinutes
June 17AgendaMinutes
May 4Special meeting. No agenda provided.NA
April 22AgendaMinutes

For Council agendas and minutes before 2015 please contact the Executive Officer on (08) 8226 2127 or email DEWHeritage@sa.gov.au