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Seasonal fire crew essential requirements

To join the seasonal fire crew you must adhere to the following essential requirements.

Australian citizenship and residency

You must be an Australian Citizen or have a Permanent Resident Visa or an Australian Work Visa which allows you to work in Australia for the term of your contract. Documentary proof will be required of your work visa.

Further information on a work visa is available from the Australian Government.

Police check, medical assessment and fitness test

Mandatory requirements for employment include a national police check (NPC) and medical and task based fitness assessments. An application must include a current NPC at the time of submitting which can be obtained through National Crime Check. Medical and tasked based fitness assessments will be incorporated during the recruitment process.

The medical assessment will determine whether individuals are suitably fit to undertake the task-based assessment and whether they can perform the nominated role.

As a seasonal fire crew member, your job can be physically demanding, involving dragging hoses, climbing ladders or lugging equipment.

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