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Mount Schank state heritage area

The Mount Schank's cone-shaped landform is a rare South Australian example of volcanic activity in recent geological time.

The volcanic cinder cone of Mount Schank is a striking landscape feature around 12km south of Mount Gambier. The cone has been little affected by erosion and rises approximately 100m above the flat coastal plain.

The Mount Schank state heritage area is around 150ha and includes land around the volcano. An extension of the original volcanic fissure (with a small line of scoria cones) is protected to the north, while land within a 50m radius of a blowhole on the eastern side is also part of the state heritage area.

Scientific assessments tell us that Mount Schank is slightly older than Mount Gambier, which represents the most recent volcanic activity in Australia.

The Mount Schank area differs from Mount Gambier however as it is set away from urban development. Even though it has been both quarried and farmed, its distinctive cone shape has not been affected.

Mount Schank is a South Australian Geological Monument.

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