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Topics > Crown land

Accessing Crown land

The department is responsible for ensuring Crown land is managed effectively and equitably for the public good. This means there are some activities you will require special permission for, or access rights, or tenure over the land.

Activities requiring permission

Under the Crown Land Management Act 2009 the following activities are not permitted on Crown land without permission.

  • Camping for a period of longer than 3 weeks
  • Mooring a houseboat for longer than 3 weeks
  • Agricultural or horticultural activities
  • Removing or interfering with fossils. view fact sheets: Crown land and fossicking and Crown land and fossils
  • Removing or interfering with Aboriginal Heritage items
  • Driving motor vehicles, including four wheel drives and motorcycles, off roads or dirt tracks
  • Building or erecting structures or fixtures
  • Cutting down, lopping branches or damaging vegetation, whether alive or dead. view fact sheet: Crown land and tree/bush removal
  • Littering, dumping or abandoning property
  • Closing off or obstructing roads, including erecting fences, gates or any other obstruction

To find out if you require a permit, licence or lease contact us.

Temporary access - events

If you wish to have temporary use or access to Crown land for an event or a specific purpose you will need approval.

To support your request, you need to provide:

• Land details, description and a map
• Dates of access required
• Sufficient time prior to the activity - minimum of four weeks’ notice.
• Details of the proposed activity - relevant party, dates, timeframes, activities
• Proof of public indemnity insurance - Certificate of Currency

If the land is dedicated, that is land allocated to a custodian for a specific purpose, you will need to enquire directly with the custodian.

Find out more about identifying Crown land. or applying for an event permit.


Hunting is generally not permitted on Crown land in the interest of public safety. However, during the prescribed duck and quail season, hunting may be undertaken with relevant permits in South Australia’s Game Reserves.

For further information see hunting permits or contact the department's licences and permits team.

Misuse of Crown land

The department is responsible for compliance of unauthorised activities, occupation or misuse of Crown land pursuant to the Crown Land Management Act 2009.

A person who commits any offense against the Crown Land Management Act 2009. may incur an expiation charge of $315, or a penalty fee of up to $20,000 depending on the severity of the offense. Offenses that also contravene other Acts may incur additional penalties and in some cases imprisonment.

To report an offense on Crown land contact us. To report criminal offenses contact the South Australian Police.

To find out more about the misuse of Crown land view fact sheet.