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Owning a heritage place

If you own, or plan to purchase, a heritage listed place you may have some concerns about how listing will affect your use and enjoyment of it. Some people fear that anything they do to the property will reduce its significance and most people fear the possible restrictions that heritage listing may impose on their ownership.

Importantly, any place entered in the SA Heritage Register remains the property of the owner. The public does not gain any right of access to the place. However if your property is open to the public you should advise Heritage South Australia so that they can help promote it.

State Heritage Places entered in the SA Heritage Register are formally recognised as an important part of South Australia's rich cultural heritage and are afforded the protection provided by legislation.

State Heritage Places variously:

  • demonstrate important aspects of the State's history;
  • have rare, uncommon or endangered qualities that of cultural significance;
  • contribute to an understanding of the State's natural history;
  • are outstanding representatives of a particular class of places;
  • demonstrate a high degree of creative, aesthetic or technical accomplishment;
  • have strong cultural or spiritual associations for the community; or
  • have special association with the life or work of a person or organisation.

The benefits of heritage listing may include:

To access these benefits, please telephone us on (08) 8124 4960 or email DEWHeritage@sa.gov.au

Refer to the frequently asked questions for further information about owning a heritage place.

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