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Gawler Church Hill state heritage area

Gawler Church Hill retains the characteristics and design of Colonel William Light's original plan for Gawler - South Australia's first country town.

Established in 1839, Gawler is recognised for its contribution to the economic, social and cultural history of the state and the Church Hill state heritage area represents the town's early settlement.

Colonel Light designed Church Hill as a residential area with a wide central street, flanked by three parks intended for the Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian churches. Although the original plan has been slightly altered over time, Church Hill's distinctive design, land use and building scale remain relatively intact.

Gawler is a prosperous commercial and residential town located 44km north of Adelaide, adjacent to the Barossa Valley. Historically it was one of the state's largest country towns, but urban sprawl has now linked it to the greater Adelaide area.

Church Hill, on a natural rise to the west of Gawler's main commercial street, was a focus of Colonel William Light's original plan for the settlement. The area's main thoroughfare is Cowan Street, which historically linked Light, Orleana and Parnell Squares.

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