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Public Land Stewardship Project

The Public Land Stewardship Project is a joint project between the Department for Environment and Water and the Department for Trade and Investment that ensures that Open Space Reserves across the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region are effectively managed and maintained. The project involves restoration of public reserves that were that were previously degraded - including site maintenance, fire management, revegetation, tree management, weed control and watercourse rehabilitation to improve biodiversity, visual amenity and public safety. The project also facilitates community engagement activities and supports volunteer groups associated with the Open Space Reserves.

Highbury Aqueduct Reserve

This unique 50 hectare reserve has a fascinating history that dates back to the 1870s, when the state government purchased land to develop an aqueduct to transfer water from the River Torrens into the Hope Valley Reservoir to supply the greater Adelaide area with piped water. In 2008 an upgrade of the system saw the water transferred through an underground pipe and the aqueduct infrastructure was then decommissioned. Since the development and implementation of a Master Plan in 2013, works have been undertaken to improve amenity and accessibility to the reserve by removing boundary fences and installing shared use trails.

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Mount Osmond

Mount Osmond Reserve is a 101 hectare reserve located in the Adelaide Hills on the edge of the City of Burnside and adjoining the Mount Osmond Golf Course, Chambers Gully and Cleland National Park. The reserve is jointly managed by the Department and the City of Burnside.

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Maslin's Beach

Maslins Beach Cliff Top (also referred to as Blanche Point) is an 18 hectare reserve located along the coastline approximately 42 kilometres southwest of Adelaide. The site has been restored through various government programs over the years aiming to achieve a pre-European coastal shrubland/low open mallee woodland.

Gawler Buffer

This area is a part of Adelaide’s green belt situated near the Playford Hills on the northern plains. The land covers 250 hectares and straddles across Main North Road, Munno Para. It is one of the largest remaining urban park developments in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Excellent environmental outcomes are being realised from this restored farming land. Restoration of the eastern portion of Gawler Buffer has ceased and its management has been transitioned to Crown land management (please contact the Crown lands team on 8463 3848). The western portion of Gawler Buffer continues to be restored and managed under the project.

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Willunga Creek

The project site is made up of 37 hectares of ex-agricultural land, forming a green link between Willunga and Port Willunga. This provides opportunities for amenity, conservation and recreation. Restoration of this site under the project has ceased and its management has been transitioned to Crown land management (please contact the Crown lands team on 8463 3848).

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For queries and further information on these projects, contact the Public Land Stewardship team.