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Community consultation

The department is committed to the South Australian Government’s Better Together: Principles of Engagement to help deliver better decision-making.

Consultation provides the community with an opportunity to be informed and provide feedback regarding proposals that impact Crown land.

The department may consult on unsolicited proposals or applications to purchase Crown land.

The extent of consultation is determined on a case-by-case basis.

When selling or leasing waterfront land the Minister must undertake a public consultation process as required under the Crown Land Management Act 2009. This involves placement of an advertisement in the Government Gazette, a website and in a newspaper circulating through the area.

Current Crown land consultations

Proposal property location             
Land    description                   
Area (ha) 
Application under consideration
Consultation Period
Further information or to submit comments
2972 Purnong Road, Caurnamont  Section 312, Hundred of Ridley  7.689




Commenced: 8 January 2020
End: 5pm, 29 January 2020


Toni Beviss

Box 231


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