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Biological Databases of South Australia

The Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA) is South Australia's flora and fauna database that stores and manages specimen and observation records, as well as taxonomic systems. This vital resource is critical to support decision-making processes for environmental issues within South Australian and Australian governments, as well as the wider community interested in biodiversity conservation.

As part of our ongoing data management efforts, we continually review our data, considering periodic taxonomic revisions to ensure record integrity and the highest quality biological information is available to collectors, custodians, and users alike.

Explore our data dashboard

To see a summary of the flora and fauna data within BDBSA, see the SA Flora and Fauna Data Dashboard, where you can find detailed information about South Australia's flora and fauna.

Biological Databases of South Australia

Fauna and flora records can be retrieved using NatureMaps or Atlas of Living Australia.

More on our data

For more information about South Australia’s data biological data, including how to contribute to and access our collections, see:

Our partners and data contributors

The Department for Environment and Water is responsible for the storage and maintenance of the data. Well established relationships with SA Museum and State Herbarium of South Australia curators and taxonomists support this function. In addition, we have exchange agreements and initiatives through Atlas of Living Australia and Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network.

Ongoing data management and continuous review, taking account of periodic taxonomic revision, preserves record integrity and ensures the highest quality biological information is available to collectors, custodians and users alike. BDBSA includes records from:

To contribute your data to BDBSA see: Information sharing.

Taxonomic listings

Taxonomic listings are published periodically as: Flora Census - Census of SA Vascular Plants, and Vertebrate Census - a list of the Vertebrates of SA.

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For more information or support in contributing to the statewide databases please contact us at