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Heritage Grants

Heritage Conservation Grants Program 

Applications from Round 3 have now been assessed. Find out more about the successful applications.

Round 4 of the Heritage Conservation Grants Program will be released within the next few months. To register your interest to be notified of release complete the enquiry form below. 

The SA Heritage Grants Program has been in operation since 2018. So far $750,000 of grant funding has been provided to help undertake conservation work or documentation on South Australia’s State heritage-listed places. This grant funding has helped to unlock over $5.65 million of investment into South Australia’s heritage and to ensure these significant places are preserved for the future.

Discover more about the past projects.

If you own a State Heritage Place or a place in a State Heritage Area and are planning a conservation project that will help to conserve or protect significant fabric or heritage values, you may be eligible to receive a Heritage Conservation Grant. To find out more about the Heritage Conservation Grant eligibility criteria please read the Fact Sheet.

Funding is provided on a dollar-for-dollar basis, that is, the grant will not cover more than 50% of the conservation project costs. Grants are available for private owners, companies, local councils & community groups who are owners of State Heritage Places, and owners or businesses within a State Heritage Area. State Heritage Places owned by the State Government are not eligible.

Heritage Tourism Grant Program

The Heritage Tourism Grants program is a key initiative of ‘Growing Our Heritage Future: A 10-year strategy for heritage tourism in South Australia’, which provides a framework for enhancing and developing heritage tourism opportunities across South Australia.

The pilot $250,000 program aims to encourage accessible and adaptive reuse of state and local heritage listed places for tourism purposes. By leveraging the character and unique appeal of heritage places to create exceptional experiences we can grow the South Australian visitor economy, as well as support the long-term conservation of the state’s special places. 

Owners, lessees, or businesses operating in state and local heritage listed places will soon have the opportunity to apply for a grant (on a matching dollar for dollar basis) for building works and other projects that specifically support the development and delivery of visitor experiences. Works do not have to be directly connected to the physical conservation of heritage fabric or values.

Guidelines and criteria will soon be released. To register your interest to be notified of release complete the enquiry form below.

To help you find the right person to undertake your conservation or tourism project, visit the Heritage SA Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants.

Register your interest

If you would like to enquire about the heritage tourism or conservation grant program please complete the enquiry form below:

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Building Upgrade Finance 

Building Upgrade Finance may be available to supplement grant funding for non-residential heritage building upgrade works where the grant funding provides only a proportion of the total cost. Building Upgrade Finance is secured against the land, via a local council charge, with repayments made through the local council rates billing process and then transferred to the financier by the local council. This form of finance is currently available to building owners in the Cities of Adelaide, Gawler, Light RegionalMarion, Onkaparinga and Salisbury, Whyalla and via private sector finance providers, to fund environmental and heritage works to existing non-residential buildings. 

To find out more about Building Upgrade Finance, contact Corinna Pereira, Building Upgrade Finance Central Facilitator for South Australia on 8203 7144 or email or visit the website.

Other grants

Funding for heritage places may also be available from the following sources: 

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