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2024 SA Climate Leaders Awards

The Premier’s Climate Change Council invites entries for the 2024 SA Climate Leaders Awards. Nominate a project or initiative for a chance to win $10,000 as a contribution to a climate change-related action.

The Council wants everyone to know about the great work taking place to build South Australia’s reputation as a leader in climate action, and encourages applicants to share projects and activities of all sizes. For more information, see the 2024 SA Climate Leaders Awards Guidelines.

Entries can be submitted using the online entry form.

Entries close 5pm Friday 28, June 2024.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on 1 August 2024. To learn more about the event or purchase your tickets, click here.

Award categories and eligibility

The Awards will recognise projects and activities that demonstrate leadership, innovation, collaboration, partnerships and significant achievements in specified climate change areas. The important thing is that your entry contributes to addressing climate change and building South Australia’s reputation as a leader in climate action by:

  • managing climate change risks, building climate resilience or supporting climate adaptation;
  • reducing net greenhouse gas emissions;
  • research or education related to addressing climate change;
  • promoting awareness about climate change and climate solutions.

Applicants can enter under five categories:

  1. Business and Industry – Large Enterprises
  2. Business and Industry – Small to Medium Enterprises
  3. Research and Education
  4. Community
  5. Government

Entries are invited from (but are not limited to):

  • Small, medium or large businesses and industry peak organisations
  • Not-for-profit organisations, community groups, clubs and associations
  • Schools, preschools and early childhood centres
  • Tertiary institutes, universities and research organisations
  • Local councils, state government agencies or branches
  • Regional level networks, alliances and partnerships
  • Individuals across all categories.

Entries should relate to a project or activity completed or initiated after June 2022. Previous award-winning projects or individuals will not be considered for another award in the same category unless the applicant can demonstrate significantly different and/or additional outcomes have been achieved through the project.

Please take a look at the 2024 SA Climate Leaders Awards Guidelines for further information about the entry criteria and eligibility.

Below are some ideas about the kinds of projects and activities that we would love to see entered in each category of the SA Climate Leaders Awards. This list of examples is by no means exhaustive!

You could be:

  • a peak body that has worked across the sector to provide information and support climate change adaptation planning and action
  • a company or individual that is changing the face of ‘business as usual’, taking a lead or demonstrating best practice approaches to climate change risk management, environmental sustainability, emissions reductions or other climate smart solutions
  • a business that has changed its production processes in response to climate change issues or opportunities, or to meet customer expectations in relation to climate action
  • a private sector organisation or individual that has engaged with and collaborated with the community to support or deliver on climate change action
  • a business or company that has developed leading technology, tools or expertise in South Australia to enable others to better adapt to the effects of climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or to support South Australia’s low carbon transition.

You could be:

  • an organisation or alliance involved in an innovative approach to climate adaptation, low carbon transition or building community awareness about climate change
  • development or implementation of innovative technology, research, tools, products or process which provide a new approach or solution and/or may fill an unmet need in the market
  • delivering a program to educate, raises awareness or facilitate change within an industry, sector, school or community
  • delivering research, programs or tools to support vulnerable communities to build resilience to climate change
  • an individual involved in any of the above mentioned examples.

You could be:

  • an alliance or network of organisations that has implemented a project or activity to support an innovative or pioneering approach to regional-level adaptation, low carbon transition or building community awareness and capacity to act on climate change
  • a non-government organisation that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in its support for vulnerable members of the community to build resilience to climate change and put in place adaptive measures
  • a champion in your local community or region who is spreading the word about the benefits and opportunities of climate change action and who is inspiring and mobilising others to act
  • a community action group or individual that has led and implemented a local community project, such as a community energy initiative, an emission reduction program, a climate related biodiversity project, or urban greening initiative
  • a community group that has implemented a program to educate about climate change and sustainability and inspire hands-on action to foster community connection with the natural environment.

You could be:

  • a local council or representative of a local council that has delivered a project to enable action or build awareness in the community about climate change preparedness, energy use or energy effciency, or the opportunities of climate change action
  • a government organisation that is working with one or more other sectors to build resilience to climate change or reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • a state government department leading an initiative that encourages the community or business sectors to reduce their energy or water use, or consider more sustainable transport options
  • a government-appointed board or committee that has collaborated with sectors of the community to respond to climate change.

SA Climate Leaders Awards Background

The SA Climate Leaders Awards have been held every two years since the inaugural awards in 2016. The Awards have attracted entries from a wide array of industries and sectors, including adaptation pioneers, the wine industry, the building sector, local government, community organisations and more.

The 2022 $10,000 overall prize was taken by PHD Candidate, Bobbie Lewis Baida for her work focussing on the impact of climate extremes on grazing sheep.

Tom Linnell, a sustainability and climate educator from Tenison Woods College took out the overall prize the 2020 Awards.

In 2018, Wattle Range Council was awarded as the overall winner and winner of the Government category for working with their local community to develop a coastal adaptation strategy for Southend.

Port Lincoln business Regional Connections was named overall winner in 2016 for their work with farm advisers to engage with broadacre farmers about the effects of emissions from farming, and how they can incorporate carbon farming technologies into their operations.

2022 SA Climate Leaders Awards ceremony

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