Green Adelaide

Once established in the Landscape South Australia legislation, Green Adelaide will be a new and innovative organisation that will drive an ambitious agenda to transform Adelaide into a world-leading, sustainable, green and climate resilient city.

Green Adelaide offers an integrated approach to managing our urban environment. The state government is focusing its attention on metropolitan Adelaide through increased efforts to green and cool our backyards, streets and neighbourhoods, enhance biodiversity and create open and healthy green spaces for everyone.

Green Adelaide recognises the importance of connecting community to nature and managing our urban environment through an integrated approach - from the hills to the sea. 

By building on Adelaide's reputation as a cool, clean, green and vibrant city, we will help attract industry, investment, residents and visitors.

Green Adelaide will be a strategic and influential organisation that drives innovative reform and delivers practical outcomes across seven key priorities:


Achieving a Greener Adelaide

Green Adelaide will be governed by an expert, skills-based board of up to 10 people charged with driving this enduring agenda across Adelaide.

The Green Adelaide region encompasses 17 metropolitan councils and approximately 1.3 million South Australians.

The success of Green Adelaide will be underpinned through strategic leadership, coordination, innovation and partnerships with other organisations and the community to deliver a connected approach to urban natural resource management.

The Green Adelaide board's activities and funding across its seven priority areas will be guided by a five year regional plan developed in consultation with its community and key stakeholders. 

Through partnerships with others, the Green Adelaide board will also leverage additional investment to drive this much needed agenda. This will secure the city's future as a vibrant and liveable city.

Greener Neighbourhoods grant program

The state government’s Greener Neighbourhoods Grants Program is providing up to $2 million funding over four years to support metropolitan councils to help keep the state’s suburban streets green and cool.

The first round of grants, awarded in November 2019, provided funding for 7 projects from 6 metropolitan councils which aim to boost greenery, cool temperatures, provide habitat for wildlife and connect people with nature.

Applications for the second round of grants will open in mid-2020.

Where can I find more information?

For more information download Green Adelaide: A new approach to managing our urban environment or contact us at

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