The department is committed to creating an exceptional South Australia through the conservation of our natural capital.

We play our part by helping South Australians to conserve, sustain and prosper. We share this responsibility with the community as we work towards our organisational outcomes:

  • People taking responsibility for their environment
  • People benefitting from their use of and interaction with the environment
  • Sustainable management and productive use of land, water, sea and air
  • Improved condition of the natural environment.

One of our roles is to help the South Australian community to understand and comply with the environmental legislation that the department administers.

What is compliance?

‘Environmental compliance is the administration of legislation in a way that helps the community do the right thing to minimise impacts on the environment, to use natural resources sustainably, and to provide healthy landscapes for future generations.’

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Report an offence

The department works with the public to care for our environment. You can report suspected incidents of non compliance with South Australian environmental legislation.