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Government action on climate change

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change are important focuses for the Government of South Australia.

In May 2022, South Australia declared a climate emergency and committed to restoring a safe climate by transforming the economy to net zero emissions.

The South Australian Government has statewide goals of:

  • reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% by 2030
  • achieving net zero emission by 2050
  • achieve 100% net renewable electricity generation by 2027.

The government is also seeking to achieve net zero emissions from government operations.

The government is delivering a range of actions to progress towards these targets and strengthen South Australia’s climate change response.

South Australia – Responding to Climate Change outlines the priority actions that the South Australian Government will be focussing on in the near term to build a strong, net zero emissions future and adapt to climate change.

These priority actions build upon a strong foundation of existing government action to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. To find out more see South Australian Climate Change Actions.

The South Australian government is working with industries, businesses, communities, local government and the Australian Government to implement these actions and encourage action beyond the role of government.

The South Australian government will also consider new opportunities and actions that arise from stakeholder engagement, innovation, advances in technology, and changing market demands.

The Premier’s Climate Change Council, an independent advisory body to the South Australian government, has a role in monitoring and reviewing government climate change action.

The state’s progress to reduce emissions is measured and publicly reported drawing from data produced by the Australian Government’s national greenhouse gas inventory.

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Keep up to date on South Australian Government actions to help to build a strong, climate ready economy, further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support adaptation to a changing climate.

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