South Australia’s Industry Climate Change Conference 2023

The Government of South Australia and the Premier’s Climate Change Council held South Australia’s inaugural Industry Climate Change Conference on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April 2023 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Outputs from the Conference are provided at the links below:

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South Australia’s Achievements– a video of South Australia’s climate change achievements and where the state is heading next.

South Australia's Renewable Energy Leadership– see how South Australia has transformed its energy system.

Net Zero by 2050 – see how South Australia is progressing towards net zero by 2050.

South Australia as leaders in climate action – a brief video showcasing South Australia’s achievements in climate change action.

South Australia: Leading the Charge – see how South Australia has become a leader in battery storage technology.

Clean Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future – see how South Australia is positioning itself as a global supplier of clean hydrogen.

Low Carbon Minerals for a Low Carbon World – see how South Australia has become a destination for companies looking to transform the minerals sector.

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