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Licences and permits

Many forms for permits and licences can be downloaded here, you can even share biodiversity data and buy maps and passes to our parks!

Wildlife Permits

Find out more about Wildlife Permits.

Commercial tour operator licences

  • becoming a licensed tour operator
  • licence costs

Find out more about commerical tour operator licences.

Crown land forms

  • crown land application forms
  • crown land transfers forms
  • review and appeal forms

Find out more about crown land forms.

Events permits

  • fishing and surfing competitions
  • fundraising events
  • product demonstration days
  • bike/car racing
  • orienteering
  • bee keeping
  • scientific experiments
  • conducting activities for fee/reward

Find out more about events permits.

Filming and photography permits

  • commercial filming
  • commercial still photography

Find out more about filming and photography permits.

Heritage permits

  • permits for excavating, disturbing, destroying or altering Heritage places or items

Find out more about heritage permits.

Marine parks permits

  • permits for activities in marine parks

Find out more about marine parks permits.

Native vegetation clearance forms

  • clearance applications
  • regrowth management

Find out more about native vegetation clearance forms.

Parks passes

  • buy Parks passes online

Find out more about Parks passes.

Plant permits

  • collection of native seeds and fruits permits

Find out more about plant permits.

Scientific permits

  • undertaking scientific research on a reserve, in a wilderness area or involving protected species of flora and fauna

Find out more about scientific permits.

Shipwreck dive permits

Water licence and permit forms

  • apply to drain or discharge into a well or to use imported water
  • request a water meter test
  • apply for a new well driller's licence, renewal or variation
  • obtain a well construction permit
  • navigate to your prescribed water resource of interest and apply for a new water licence, transfer, variation or something else

Find out more about water licence and permit forms.