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Applying for a Scientific Research Permit

Download and complete a form for a Scientific Research Permit or email us for further information.

Download and complete a form for a Scientific Research Permit Renewal and Report to renew an existing permit.

Make sure you comply with the Scientific Research Permit approval criteria.

Make sure you read and understand the conditions of application. In signing the application you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit (if granted).

It is a requirement of a Scientific Research Permit that a minimum set of data is collected when plants or animals are involved. The dataset must be provided as part of the required report. Please record data using the DEW data returns template (264kb xls). If you have already submitted the dataset to the Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA) you do not need to submit it again, simply notify us by email.

A Scientific Research Permit is issued subject to standard conditions. Additional specific terms and conditions may be applied to the issued permit. Failure to adhere to the conditions constitutes a breach which can result in permit withdrawal and potential prosecution.

The use of the department's web-based GIS application is highly recommended to determine the correct naming and locations of DEW parks, reserves and wilderness protection areas where scientific research is proposed. This information is not regularly updated in Google Maps. The web-based application also provides the extent of the natural resources management regions.

Permit application and issue of a permit can take up to four weeks depending on the content and complexity of the permit application, locations where the research is proposed and time of year the application is being lodged. Additional time to issue the permit may result if the permit includes co-managed reserves or marine mammals. This additional time needs to be considered when lodging new permit applications and renewal applications, and scheduling field work.

If you have a question, contact: