Keeping venomous snakes

To keep protected native animals, including the majority of venomous snakes, you must hold a Specialist permit and comply with venomous snakes policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures

Relocating snakes as a wildlife controller

You must have a Wildlife Management (Controller) Permit to remove snakes from commercial and residential homes and backyards.

Venomous snakes may present a considerable risk to public safety, particularly in residential areas. Wildlife controllers capture and remove venomous snakes from situations where they threaten public safety. They can also remove other non-venomous reptiles that are causing public concern.

Before being granted a permit, wildlife controllers who intend to capture and relocate snakes must:

  • have held a specialist keep and sell permit endorsed to keep venomous snakes (category 2); or
  • attended 10 call outs with a licensed wildlife controller and completed a log book; and
  • have secure facilities for housing any captured venomous snakes
  • have security arrangements in place for the housing and transportation of venomous snakes
  • hold a current first aid certificate
  • provide documentation for any training in capturing and handling venomous snakes.

Policies and procedures