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Unsolicited proposals

What is an unsolicited proposal?

An unsolicited proposal is when a business or not-for-profit organisation approaches government with a proposal that hasn’t been formally requested.

An unsolicited proposal may include:

  • delivery of services to or on behalf of government
  • provision of infrastructure
  • access to government assets
  • seeking government support (financial, regulatory or other) to undertake a specific activity.

For the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) it may be a request for funding, purchase or lease of Crown land or a national park. 

The Government of South Australia welcomes unsolicited proposals to help identify new and innovative ways to drive our state’s development and provide tangible benefits to South Australians.

How do I lodge an unsolicited proposal?

Depending on the nature of a proposal, it may be assessed and managed by DEWNR or the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF). Please refer to the table to below to determine which agency is likely to manage your proposal:

Investment value of proposal

Proposals with infrastructure
Proposals without infrastructure
Less than $1 million DEWNR DEWNR 
$1 million to $3 million DEWNR  DTF 
More than $3 million DTF DTF 

For proposals likely to be managed by the Department of Treasury and Finance – visit to find out information on lodging an application and the assessment process.

For proposals likely to be managed by DEWNR, we recommend reading the Information for proponents document and Application Form prior to lodgement. This will give you an understanding of the criteria a proposal must meet to proceed, the assessment processes and the scope of information required.

Following this, we recommend you contact the DEWNR Unsolicited Proposals Secretariat by email at or telephone (08) 8463 4156.  This will help ensure your proposal is lodged with the correct agency and determine whether your proposal, in its current form, is likely to meet the criteria before you commit significant resources to develop a full proposal.


If you are seeking to lodge an unsolicited proposal directly to DEWNR you are required to download and complete the Application Form, unless otherwise advised by the Secretariat. At this stage there does not need to be a high level of investment in outlining the proposal as this will be required at Stage 2. The Information for proponents document will assist in completing the application, and you can contact the DEWNR Unsolicited Proposals Secretariat for further information.


The completed Application Form and any supporting documentation can be emailed to

Fees and charges

Proponents will not initially be charged a fee to lodge an unsolicited proposal or have it assessed by DEWNR. However, if the proposal results in a transaction that would ordinarily incur a regulated fee or charge, these will be applicable at the time of the relevant transaction, for example lease application and preparation regulated fees. DEWNR can assist with the identification of fees and charges, however it is ultimately the proponent’s responsibility to be aware of and account for any regulatory fees and charges that may apply.

How will my proposal be assessed?

Find out how you proposal will be assessed by DEWNR.

My proposal doesn’t fit the description of an unsolicited proposal, where else can I go?

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