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Significant Environmental Benefit Grants

Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) Grants fund the on-ground restoration of native vegetation in South Australia.

About the grants

Money is paid into the Native Vegetation Fund by people who have cleared native vegetation and need to provide an SEB. To offset the clearance, NVC use this money to restore and protect native vegetation through SEB grants.

The NVC consider SEB grant applications based on the principles and objectives for establishing an SEB area outlined in the Policy for Significant Environmental Benefit and any grant specific outcomes.

Some grant rounds are for specific restoration activities or specific regions of the state. The Guidelines for each grant round will detail the focus area or activities for that round.

There is an expectation that the investment will be effective for a long term and projects should demonstrate how you plan to maintain the project into the future.

Some grant funding rounds are for specific restoration activities only. For example, if money is paid into the Native Vegetation Fund for clearance of a threatened ecological community, grant applicants may be required to demonstrate that their proposal will benefit that particular community.

What has been funded to date?

Since its introduction in 2009, the Native Vegetation Council has supported 74 critical projects across the eight Landscape regions through Significant Environmental Benefit Grants. Over $16.9 million has been committed to conservation enhancement and landscape management works in an effort to improve biodiversity. For a list of all the projects supported through SEB grants, you can view the SEB Grant Summary.

Have your say

We would love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve the SEB Grants program so please send us an email at You may also use this email to join the NVC contact list to be kept up to date with changes to grants and consultation opportunities.