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Our compliance strategy

The DEWNR Compliance Strategy 2015-2018 sets out our overall compliance objectives to 2018. By this time, we aim to be a high-performing, modern regulator, that plays a key role in assisting the community to be environmentally compliant. The use effective systems and tools to analyse trends and adapt to the key environmental issues of the day will be key to this.

To continually improve and target our compliance activities and outcomes, a range of priorities have been identified for 2015-2018, and are arranged into four themes:

  • compliance reform - improving how we coordinate and deliver our compliance programs
  • simpler regulation - reducing unnecessary burden on the regulatory community
  • sustainable use - encouraging voluntary compliance to support the sustainable use of natural resources
  • operational program delivery - planning and responding to compliance matters in a risk-based, consistent and proportionate manner

These priorities form the basis of our planned core regulatory work and targeted compliance interventions through to 2018. Outlining our planned activities in this way provides transparency to industry and the community about our key focus areas for the coming year. It also allows businesses an opportunity to review and, where necessary, correct their practices, prior to any intervention.

We will annually review and report on the activities aligned to each of our priorities.

Find out more about the department’s Targeted Water Compliance Monitoring Framework and the discretionary factors guiding the Water Compliance Escalation Pathway when there is a compliance breach.