Coast Protection Board

The Coast Protection Board was formed in 1972 with the proclamation of the Coast Protection Act 1972 (the Act). The functions of the Coast Protection Board (as stated in the Act) are to:

  • protect the coast from erosion, damage, deterioration, pollution and misuse
  • restore any part of the coast that has been subjected to erosion, damage, deterioration, pollution or misuse
  • develop any part of the coast aesthetically, or to improve it for those who use and enjoy it
  • manage, maintain and develop those coast facilities that the Board is responsible for
  • report to the Minister where required
  • carry out, or be involved in, research into the protection, restoration or development of the coast.

Under the Act the Board has the power to:

  • carry out works
  • remove sand
  • acquire coastal land, with the approval of the Minister
  • deal with its land, with the approval of the Minister
  • enter land (any member of the Board or an authorised person).

To contact the Coast Protection Board:

Phone: (+61 8) 8124 4928

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