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Sustainable development

The Coast Protection Board is the statutory body in South Australia that manages coast and marine protection issues and provides advice on coastal development.

Proposals for new development or substantial changes to land use near the coast are referred to the Coast Protection Board for comment. The Board will notify the planning authority of any aspects of a proposal that conflict with its policies on ecologically sustainable development. Consideration is given to whether the proposal will:

  • impact on coastal qualities, such as coastal vegetation, coastal reserves or beaches
  • affect coastal processes and the extent of this impact.

In certain circumstances, the Board can direct against a development or direct conditions of approval. For example, if a development would cause erosion and there were no measures in place to alleviate this, the Board would advise the planning authority of this.

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More information

Inquiry into the Witton Bluff Base Trail project

The Coast Protection Board conducted an Inquiry into the Witton Bluff Base Trail project in accord with Section 36 (1) of the Coast Protection Act 1972. The Inquiry Report can be found here.

The purpose of the Inquiry was to determine:

  • Possible impacts on the coastal environment and, if identified, how these impacts could be minimised.
  • Impacts arising from possible increased erosion from the creation and establishment of the walkway footings.
  • Any other significant coast-related impacts that have been identified as part of the City of Onkaparinga’s previous studies into the project.

View the Witton Bluff base trail concept plan

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