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Coast Protection Board Members

Coast Protection Board Members

Mr Jeff Tate, Presiding Member

In my role as the Presiding Member of the Coast Protection Board since June 2020, I look forward to building on the achievements of the Board over its 50 year history and refining the arrangements for managing our coast to face future challenges. I am the nominee of the Chief Executive for the Department for Environment and Water.

Since 2011 I have been the Director of my management consulting business, specialising in the development, review and implementation of policy and strategy; organisational alignment; partnering and relationships; governance; problem solving; leadership mentoring and coaching; and facilitation and negotiation.

Prior to 2011, I gained extensive experience in the local government sector, including as a Chief Executive Officer for almost 20 years. This included over 14 years as CEO with the City of Onkaparinga, the largest local authority in South Australia with a spectacular, but a challenging, stretch of coast.

Coast Protection Board Members

Ms Amanda Wilson

I am passionate about our coastal environment, and have been proud to be a member of the Coast Protection Board since 2019, as the appointee of the Minister with experience and knowledge in local government.

I was elected as the first female Mayor of the City of Holdfast Bay in November 2018. In my time as Mayor I have advocated for environmental programs and campaigned to achieve grant funding for the Food Organics and Green Organics (FOGO) trial program, which is now being implementing across the entire City of Holdfast Bay.

I am a former Commercial Partner at Adelaide Legal Firm, and previously served on the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board of South Australia where I chaired the Audit Committee and was a member of the Finance Committee.

Coast Protection Board Members

Mr James Buder

I have been a member of the Coast Protection Board since 2020 as the nominee of the Chief Executive of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

As Director Marine Services, Department for Infrastructure and Transport, my role is to deliver an integrated and coordinated approach to marine infrastructure and services, including the coordination and management of State marine assets, operations and programs; administration of the Harbors and Navigation Act 1993; and management of the maritime safety program, recreational boating facilities and commercial boat yards. I am also the State’s Marine Pollution Controller.

Prior to commencing this role, I held various roles within DIT and have a background in regional and industry development.

Coast Protection Board Members

Professor Bronwyn Gillanders

I have been a member of the Coast Protection Board since 2019 as the Ministerial appointment with experience and knowledge in biological science and environmental protection.

I am currently Head of School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at the University of Adelaide, and lead an internationally-recognised research group focusing on environmental issues related to marine, estuarine and freshwater ecology including integrated marine management and microplastics in the marine environment and seafood.

I am a member of the Marine Innovations Southern Australia (MISA) Steering Committee; Goyder Institute for Water Research Management Committee; and Southwest Marine Parks Advisory Committee. I am currently Editor of Fish and Fisheries and Chief Editor of Marine Biology for Frontiers in Marine Science.

I am fascinated by the ecological and environmental insights that the hard parts of marine organisms (e.g. otoliths, bone, shells) can provide, and have a particular interest in coastal habitat restoration and blue carbon opportunities.

Coast Protection Board Members

Ms Kathryn Galpin

As the nominee of the Chief Executive of the South Australian Tourism Commission, I served as a member of the Coast Protection Board during 2018/2019 and re-joined in July this year.

In my role as Policy Manager at the South Australian Tourism Commission I am responsible for driving priority policy areas that promote the growth and sustainability of the tourism sector in South Australia.

I am experienced in government collaboration, strategic policy and advice, stakeholder management and strategy development, and previously worked with the Department for Environment and Water in National Parks, River Murray and Coorong and Lower Lakes, Fire Management and Nature-based Tourism.

I look forward to supporting the evolution of coastal adaptation planning in South Australia and the benefit it has for all who rely on a thriving and sustainable coastline.

Coast Protection Board Members

Professor Beverley Clarke

I have been a member of the Coast Protection Board since 2024 as a Ministerial appointment with experience and knowledge in technical problems of coastal protection.

I am a Social Geographer at Flinders University. As a geographer, I've dedicated my research and teaching to exploring the social and cultural significance of coastal and marine environments and their management. Current research interests include examining the social dimensions of coastal climate change adaptation, as well as exploring cultural ecosystem services associated with Blue Carbon.

I have worked throughout Australia with many different stakeholder groups including all tiers of government, NGOs and the community.

I'm excited to be part of the Board and to contributing to the stewardship of our state's coastline. I'm also looking forward to connecting with others who share an interest in South Australia's coastal environments and assets and learning from their insights and experiences.

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