Adelaide beach works

West Beach replenishment – urgent works (recently completed)

Works: Restoration of eroded dunes at West Beach (Rockingham Street dunes) with sand from the Torrens Outlet.
When: May, June and July 2020
Contact: or phone 8124 4928

Urgent works have been undertaken to replenish the beach near Rockingham Street, West Beach.

The dunes at this location are vulnerable and subject to ongoing erosion, and the additional top up of sand is required to prepare for storms and bad weather which may cause further erosion. 

This is likely to be required periodically over the winter months.

Semaphore South dune restoration

Semaphore South Feb 2020.jpg

Works: Restoration of eroded dunes at Semaphore South with sand from north of the Largs Bay jetty.
Duration: Late April to August 2020 (note: revegetation works commenced in August, not July as previously advised)
Contact: or phone 8124 4928

The Department for Environment and Water has been working closely with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and community representatives on a project to rebuild eroded dunes at Semaphore South and stabilise the area with vegetation. 

A severe storm in 2016 impacted the area, between approximately Hart and Arthur Street, resulting in the loss of the dune and its vegetation.

Sand movement from Semaphore and Largs Bay to West Beach and Henley Beach South

Works: Sand movement from Semaphore and Largs Bay to West Beach and Henley Beach South
Duration: Periodically 2-3 times per year (autumn and spring) in 2020 and 2021.
Contact: or phone 8124 4928

Planning is underway for sand movement works to be undertaken in spring 2020 and autumn 2021. No decision has yet been made about how much sand will be moved, from where or when.

Before a decision is made, an independent review on the impacts of moving sand from the northern beaches is being undertaken. This will help inform the future sand movement works. This review will include assessing the shorter term impacts of the interim sand movement works and the longer term impacts of the sand recycling pipeline implementation. A working group including community representatives is involved in the process.

 The department regularly meets with community representatives and council to help guide the Semaphore sand movement works.

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Sand pumping from Glenelg to Kingston Park

Works: Annual sand recycling with sand being pumped to replenish beaches from Glenelg to Kingston Park.
Duration: Annually every June to November
Contact: or phone 8232 1882

Sand recycling to replenish beaches from Glenelg to Kingston Park through the underground pipleine system commences in June 2020.  McConnell Dowell is undertaking this work on behalf of the department.

The sand collection unit will initially operate on the northern side of the Glenelg jetty before relocating to the southern side of the jetty in September 2020. 

It is anticipated all works will be completed by late November 2020.

Sand collection and pumping will take place between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm Monday to Saturday.  During this time, residents and beachgoers are requested to take care during works and adhere to safety signage and flagging that will be in place during operation. 

Works are subject to change depending on the weather and operational requirements.

Glenelg North beach replenishment (recently completed)

Works:Sand movement works from West Beach harbour bridge to Glenelg North
Duration:18 May - 12 June 2020
Contact: or phone 8124 4928

Works to replenish the beach at Glenelg North were undertaken in May and June 2020. Sand was collected from the area just south of the West Beach harbour bridge and moved by trucks along the beach to the foreshore north of King Street, Glenelg North.

The removal of sand will help prevent excess sand moving around the harbour breakwater and into the harbour where it would otherwise need to be removed with a dredge. The sand will help to raise the beach level along the narrower stretch of Glenelg North beach.

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