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Research, reports and policies

This section contains documents and information on:

Northern beaches assessments

Metro coast sand sampling reports

Community research

Sand suitability investigations

West Beach sand management

Dune restoration and stabilisation

Coastal planning and development information

Coast Protection Board policies, reports and meeting minutes

Coastline historical publications (produced by the Coast Protection Board)

Coastal Viewscapes Project

In 2004, the Coast Protection Board commissioned Dr Andrew Lothian of Scenic Solutions to measure and map the scenic quality of the South Australian coastline. The outcomes of the project were intended to assist in the development of planning policy and the assessment of development applications. The project commenced in December 2004 and was completed in October 2005.

Adelaide's Living Beaches

The Adelaide’s Living Beaches strategy was introduced in 2005 to address continual erosion along Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches. It included the installation of a major pipeline system that reduced the need for traditional sand carting by truck, as well as the construction of structures such as breakwaters and groynes to act as sand traps in critical locations.

Other journals, fact sheets, management plans, policies, research and technical reports

A large repository of information and monitoring data from our department and other agencies involved in coastal management can be found on the South Australian Government’s Enviro Data SA Portal. The following categories are available:

  • Coast and marine management: This section provides access to data, documents and links relating to South Australia’s coastal regions.
  • Ecosystems: This section contains information and data relating to the topics of estuaries, reefs, sand flats, mudflats and seagrass.
  • Industries: This section contains information and data relating to aquaculture, fisheries and desalination.
  • Data systems: This section links to other services that provide coastal monitoring data.
  • Risk awareness: This section contains information on risks to the coastal and marine environment in South Australia.
  • Science and research: This section includes scientific reports and findings that may inform coastal and marine management.
  • Reporting: This section contains report cards that outline the condition of our coastal resources and our management and community stewardship capacities.

Coastal processes study of Adelaide beaches

Historical publications

A list of other historical publications that can be requested from our team is available.

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