The Adelaide coastline is divided into six sand management cells:

  • Cell 1 - Glenelg to Kingston Park
  • Cell 2 - West Beach boat Harbour to North Glenelg
  • Cell 3 - Torrens Outlet to West Beach Parks dunes
  • Cell 4 - Semaphore to Henley Beach
  • Cell 5 - North Haven to Semaphore
  • Cell 6 - Outer Harbour to North Haven

Sand pumping and underground pipeline systems have been installed in Cells 1 and 3 as seen in the pipeline route map.

Moving sand by truck from areas of accumulation to areas in need of sand still occurs in Cells 2 and 4. Currently the Torrens Outlet to the West Beach Parks dunes pipeline (Cell 3) is not being used. The 2018 DHI West Beach report determined that large volumes of sand are needed to stabilise the foreshore. Sand pumping continues to perform well from Glenelg to Kingston Park with this section of the coast now stable.

Sand transfer locations

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