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Wilderness protection areas

Wilderness protection in South Australia

Large and unmodified areas of the world that retain their natural character are regarded as wilderness.

South Australia is blessed with extensive areas that have been used wisely, and managed carefully, by the Aboriginal custodians and others. Many of these remain in a natural condition and meet the international criteria for classification as wilderness.

In South Australia, 14 wilderness protection areas have been established under the Wilderness Protection Act 1992. This ensures that the ecological integrity of over 1.8 million hectares of wilderness, including the State’s most valuable wilderness, is protected in the long term. It also guarantees that current and future generations have the opportunity to experience these special places.

A brochure called Wilderness protection in South Australia explains the significance of wilderness in South Australia and outlines why it must be protected.

The updated Wilderness Inventory provides an assessment of the wilderness quality of all South Australia’s terrestrial land.

The Wilderness Protection Areas and Zones code of management sets out statewide objectives, principles and policies for the management of wilderness.

Management plans set out management objectives and strategies for each wilderness protection area.

People are welcome to visit wilderness protection areas but should be aware that some activities are not allowed, and that facilities are likely to be minimal or absent. To help retain wilderness qualities, visitors are encouraged to adopt the Wilderness minimum impact code.