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About us

Our goals

We have four goals that describe what we are striving to achieve. We can articulate what success will look like for each of these goals. 


Goal 1 - Taking Action to address and adapt to our changing climate 

What success looks like 

South Australia is resilient and adapting to the impacts of climate change. We have taken full advantage of economic opportunities presented by taking action on climate change. read more

Goal 2 - Sustaining the natural resources of our state

What success looks like 

Our strong and healthy natural resource base supports diverse and resilient systems, a thriving economy and vibrant communities. read more

Goal 3 - Connecting people to nature, parks and places 

What success looks like 

People value South Australia’s natural environment and cultural assets and enjoy the health and social benefits of parks. Sustainable, nature-based tourism is flourishing, creating jobs and improving the economy. read more

Goal 4 - Managing water for the future

What success looks like 

A sustainable and fit for purpose supply of water is available from a range of sources to support the health of the environment, industry, communities and the economy. read more


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