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About us

Our goals

We have four goals that describe what we are striving to achieve. We can articulate what success will look like for each of these goals. 

Goal 1 - South Australians conserve and enjoy our nature, parks and places

What success looks like 

Our system of parks is world-class. People value our natural environment and cultural assets, and enjoy the health and social benefits of parks. Sustainable, nature-based tourism creates jobs and strengthens the economy. read more  

Goal 2 - Secure water for the future

What success looks like 

The health of our environment, communities, industry, and economy is underpinned by sustainable and fit-for-purpose water resources. read more

Goal 3 - Communities are active in the sustainable management of our environment

What success looks like 

Our statutory boards and councils lead and collaborate to ensure improved outcomes for South Australia’s environment, heritage and sustainability. This is underpinned by evidence that ensures sound policy and informed decision-making. read more 

Goal 4 - Landscapes and natural resources are managed and sustained

What success looks like 

An integrated whole-of-landscape approach to natural resources management has empowered, resilient regional communities working collaboratively to help ensure the sustainable management and productive use of the state’s natural resources. read more



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