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About us > Our goals

A healthy, resilient environment

What success looks like

South Australia’s biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife are conserved, restored and resilient to climate change. We run world-class national parks and botanic gardens to protect our iconic places and recognise the intrinsic value of nature.


  • Deliver conservation programs with our partners to protect existing habitat and recover threatened and declining species, ecosystems and landscapes
  • Enable access to environmental water and undertake environmental watering in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin
  • Acquire strategic land parcels to add to the reserve system
  • Manage our national parks, marine parks and other protected areas for biodiversity conservation outcomes
  • Administer appropriate Crown land tenure and manage pastoral leases
  • Undertake fire management for biodiversity outcomes
  • Manage invasive and impact-causing native species in our national parks
  • Support landholders to manage impact causing native species and protect native vegetation
  • Regulate and mitigate the impact of development to native vegetation and biodiversity
  • Protect, rehabilitate and restore our coastline
  • Respect Aboriginal knowledge and incorporate it into planning and management approaches
  • Maintain and improve our knowledge of species distribution and abundance across land and seascapes
  • Understand the current state and future outlook for biodiversity across the state and prioritise action accordingly
  • Engage in strategic research partnerships and provide credible scientific advice to enhance the effectiveness of conservation activity
  • Implement Murray-Darling Basin Plan policy
  • Deliver state based Basin Plans commitments

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