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Native Vegetation Council

The Native Vegetation Council (NVC) is an independent body established by the Native Vegetation Act 1991. The NVC monitors the overall condition of the state’s vegetation and makes decisions on a wide range of matters concerning native vegetation in South Australia.

Its responsibilities include:

The seven NVC members are appointed by the Minister for Environment and Water of South Australia. Members come from a range of backgrounds and must have knowledge and experience in the preservation and management of native vegetation.

Council membership April 2023 - April 2025
  • Presiding Member - Dr Marilyn Henderson
  • Conservation Council SA nominee - Mr Michael Cornish
  • Landscape SA (formerly NRM) nominee – Ms Leanne Muffet
  • Primary Producers SA nominee – Ms Anna Hooper
  • Local Government Association nominee – Mr John Neal
  • Minister’s nominee – Professor Hugh Possingham
  • Minister’s Planning, Development or Mining nominee – Ms Kylie Weymouth

Find out more about the Council members here. The agenda for the next meeting is available here.

South Australia’s Native Vegetation Council Strategic Plan 2021-2023

South Australia’s Native Vegetation Council Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026 (Strategic Plan) outlines the NVC’s purpose and vision. The Strategic Plan also highlights the NVC’s strategic goals, priorities and key actions for the next two years.

Native Vegetation Assessment Panel

The Native Vegetation Assessment Panel (NVAP) is a committee formed by the Native Vegetation Council to make decisions on a number of native vegetation issues. Refer to the Consultation and NVAP Fact Sheet for more information on the Panel, including a list of meeting dates.

NVC Delegations

The NVC is able to delegate powers and functions to another person or body. Current delegates include the following:

  • Presiding Member, NVC
  • Native Vegetation Assessment Panel
  • Director, Native Vegetation, Pastoral Land Management and Landscape Services
  • Manager, Native Vegetation
  • Principal Advisor, Native Vegetation
  • Program Coordinator - Assessment and Compliance, Native Vegetation Branch
  • Program Coordinator - Governance and Policy, Native Vegetation Branch
  • Program Coordinator - Significant Environmental Benefit, Native Vegetation Branch
  • Director, Conservation and Wildlife
  • Director, National Parks and Wildlife
  • Executive Director, Energy Resources, Department of Energy and Mining
  • Director, Mining Regulation, Department of Energy and Mining

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (the FOI Act) provides members of the public with a legally enforceable right of access (subject to restrictions) to documents held by government.

The Council supports the objectives and spirit of the FOI Act and is active in its endeavours to continually improve records management practices.

A freedom of information (FOI) request can be made to the Native Vegetation Council, which is deemed an ‘agency’ for the purposes of the FOI Act. You are encouraged to contact the Native Vegetation Branch to clarify your request and confirm that the information is not otherwise publically available.

For more information on the FOI’s including the application process, how to make an application and fees and charges, please refer to the Department for Environment and Water's FOI page or the State Records website.

View the Native Vegetation Council's FOI Disclosure Log.

Contact the Council

Native Vegetation Council
GPO Box 1047
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Email: nvc@sa.gov.au