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Proactive disclosure for the DEW

Overseas travel

Details of overseas travel undertaken by staff:

Domestic/regional travel

Monthly domestic and regional travel expenditure for the Chief Executive (from February 2016):

Credit card

Monthly credit card expenditure for the Chief Executive:

Mobile phone expenditure

Monthly mobile phone expenditure for the Chief Executive:

Ancillary office expenditure

Gift register

Monthly details of gifts received by the Chief Executive:

Details of consultants engaged by the department

Since December 2005, the details of all contracts with consultants have been published in the South Australian Tenders and Contract website.

Procurement policy

In accordance with Treasurer's Instructions 18 - Procurement all public authorities are required to comply with the policies and guidelines issued by Procurement Services SA.

Capital works

For details of expenditure relating to capital works projects, please see the 2023-24 State Budget – Budget Paper 4 Agency Statement Vol 2

Duck and Quail Open Season

Documentation relating to the Duck and Quail Open Season declaration: