Pastoral Board

The Pastoral Board of South Australia is responsible to the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water for the administration of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

The board provides policy and general advice when requested by the Minister.

Members of the Pastoral Board

Members of the Pastoral Board are appointed under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989. The six Pastoral Board members are appointed for up to a 3-year term and come from a range of backgrounds.

Collectively the board has an extensive knowledge of the administrative, environmental and economic pastoral issues faced in the South Australian pastoral lands.

The Pastoral Board appointments are:


Deputy members

  • Vicky Linton (Deputy to Roger Wickes)
  • Katherine Tuft (Deputy to John Read)
  • Joyleen Booth (Deputy to Lisa Edwards)
  • Fiona Warwick (Deputy to Anne Collins)
  • Ian Morris (Deputy to Andrew Smart)
  • Fraser Vickery (Deputy to Emily Jenke)

Pastoral Board News

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Pastoral Board Strategic Plan 2023-25

The Pastoral Board has developed a Strategic Plan to guide its work. The plan, developed through consultation with key stakeholders, outlines the Board’s vision, goals and strategic outcomes and can be viewed here.

Pastoral Board policies and forms

The board's policy work is guided by the Policy Framework 2021 (PDF 282.4 KB).

Annual reports

  • Pastoral Board Annual Report 2016–17 (PDF 464.2 KB)
  • Pastoral Board Annual Report 2011–12 (PDF 152.0 KB)

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