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Improved liveability and wellbeing

What success looks like

Our natural resources and cultural heritage provide for the needs of our communities and are used to deliver enhanced lifestyle and cultural values for all peoples.

our goals - connecting people


  • Enhance and maintain visitor infrastructure in our national parks
  • Engage and communicate with the community
  • Deliver our volunteer programs
  • Deliver priorities under the Water Security Statement
  • Enhance urban water resource management
  • Protect state heritage places, areas, objects and shipwrecks
  • Protect animal welfare by ensuring effective legislation, systems and policy
  • Secure international recognition of iconic natural and cultural heritage
  • Engage and partner with First Nations
  • Support and collaborate with landscape boards
  • Undertake prescribed burning and other mitigation works to reduce fuel loads
  • Improve management of South Australia’s coastline in a changing climate
  • Co-manage national parks
  • Promote the conservation and responsible use of built, natural and cultural heritage
  • Coordinate flood management across South Australia