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The department encourages scientific research, both within the state's system of conservation reserves and on private land, to better understand our native plants and animals. Through increased scientific understanding we can develop a solid system of conservation management for the state.

Permits ensure that research does not impact on animal and plant populations, the environmental integrity of habitats or the conservation values of our protected areas.

The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 and regulations, and the Wilderness Protection Act 1992 and regulations, require that any scientific research on a reserve, in a wilderness area or involving protected species of flora and fauna is approved under a Scientific Research Permit.

Research using established captive colonies of native fauna does not require a Scientific Research Permit unless the work involves capturing new animals or releasing animals into the wild. However, other DEW permits are required to keep most native animals.

Find out more about why Scientific Research Permits are needed by reading the Scientific Research Permit factsheet.

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