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What sort of permit do I need?

Unprotected animals

You do not need a permit to take Unprotected animals from the wild, except where galahs or little corellas are taken from the wild as chicks or young flyers for sale to the pet trade.

Protected animals

You must have a permit to take protected native animals, including their eggs, from the wild to bring them into captivity.

We carefully consider all permit applications using the criteria in the Take from the Wild Policy and Standard.

We assess permit applications against conservation criteria to consider the:

  • impact on existing populations of taking animals from the wild
  • reason for taking an animal from the wild
  • conservation status of the species
  • status of the species in captivity
  • knowledge and experience of the applicant.

Species of higher conservation concern are subject to extra considerations.

To apply for this permit, download the Take from wild form. Permit holders must comply with the conditions of the Take from the wild permit, and certain requirements of the regulations.

Permits may be granted to people wishing to:

  • add new native animals to the captive trade industry
  • display or demonstrate native animals
  • take scientific or biological products.

You will need a separate permit to then keep, sell or display the animal.

Permits may also be granted to scientists who are part of a threatened species recovery program.

The Fauna Permit Unit co-ordinates the application process.

Allow up to four weeks for your permit application to be processed. 

How long will the permit be valid?

Permits to take protected animals are granted for a maximum of 12 months. Permit extensions cannot be granted. However, you may apply for a new permit if you fail to get the total number of animals specified on the original permit.

Are there any fees?

Unprotected animals

Permit fees apply to taking galahs and little corellas from the nest or by trapping for the pet trade.

Protected animals

An application fee, permit fee and royalties are payable for permits to take protected animals from the wild. The royalty fees depend on the conservation rating of the animal and the number of animals the permit allows you to take from the wild.

Permit fees and royalties are not refundable, even if you are unsuccessful in taking animals from the wild. Permit and royalty fees apply for subsequent permits.

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