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Collect native plant material

Allow four weeks for permit applications to be processed.

Collecting native plant material means removing material without causing substantial damage or death to the plant. Anything else (such as severing branches, limbs, stems or trunks of vegetation) is defined as clearance and is not classified as collection.

If you want to clear native plants, find out if you need a permit on the Native Vegetation Clearance website.

For what activities do I need a plant materials permit?

You may wish to collect for:

  • herbarium voucher specimens
  • research purposes
  • revegetation projects
  • creating seed banks
  • propagation of plants for nursery sale
  • bush food
  • art.

What species of plant material can I collect?

You can collect material from any native plant species, as long as you have the right permit.

What plant materials can I collect?

You can apply to collect flowers, seeds, leaves, cuttings and any other part of the plant.

Do I need a permit?

Collecting for scientific research

You need a permit if you wish to collect native plant material from public land or plant material from a prescribed plant species from private land, and if collection is for herbarium voucher specimens or to carry out research. To apply for this permit, go to the Scientific Research Permit forms.

Collecting for non-scientific purposes

You need a permit to collect native plant material from public land. To access an application form, select the reason why you wish to collect native plant materials:

  1. Commercial plant collecting, including commercial propagation and large revegetation projects
  2. Individual, community and botanic garden collecting, including revegetation and propagation for small collections, individual project and other purposes
  3. Bush food collecting
  4. Threatened species collecting.

Permit holders must:

  • obtain separate permission from the authority responsible for care and control of the public land from which you wish to collect (for example, the local council, DEW or ForestrySA)
  • comply with the conditions of the permit
  • abide by the native plant collecting guidelines.

If you are a member of Trees for Life, please apply for an Individual, community and botanic garden collecting permit.

Are there any fees?

Yes. There are fees associated with applying for, or being granted, a permit.

What if I want to collect plant material from revegetation?

You must have a permit to collect from native plants that have been planted onto public land.

What if I want to collect plant material from private land?

You do not need a permit to collect on private land. However, you must always have permission from the landowner.

We also encourage you to follow the principles in our Policy and Standard.