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Natural resources are vital to our survival. Natural resources include soil; water resources; geological features and landscapes; native vegetation, native animals; other native organisms and ecosystems. The ecosystems we rely on every day are not infinite. While South Australia is rich in natural resources, our economic and environmental reliance on them is growing and this needs to be managed in a sustainable way.

The department, in partnership with the eight Natural Resources Management Boards, has a key responsibility for the management of natural resources in South Australia.

The NRM boards administer their own regional plans and have a strong focus on community engagement. the department relies on the insight and local knowledge of the boards to help produce socially, economically and environmentally sustainable outcomes.

The Natural Resources Management Act 2004 outlines the overarching goals of sustainable and prosperous natural resources management. The Regional Integration Plan Improving Natural Resource Management in South Australia (567kb pdf), released in 2010, further defines the roles of the department and regional NRM boards in delivering streamlined services and facilities.

Working closely with farmers, pastoralists, industry, communities, environmental organisations, and local government, the department takes an integrated approach to protecting and strengthening the state's natural resources.

We have developed a strong partnership with Primary Producers SA, Conservation Council SA, Landcare Association SA, Aboriginal leaders, NRM boards and local and state government with a strong focus on business prosperity and community wellbeing. Together, we have developed a new South Australian Natural Resources Management Investment Strategy 2016 to guide future co-investment in managing our natural resources.

We have signed an action plan, Agriculture and NRM: Working Together, with the NRM boards, state government agencies and Primary Producers SA that sets out the commitment and steps that will be taken for the ongoing improvement of these relationships to create a better NRM system and a stronger agriculture sector.

The implementation of the Natural Resource Management State and Condition Reporting Framework also provides regional and state-wide managers of natural resources with timely and accurate information on the status of natural resources to inform their planning, management and investment decisions.

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