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Independent review of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019

The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 (Landscape Act) provides the framework for promoting sustainable and integrated management of land, water, pest plants and animals and biodiversity across the state.

The independent review of the Landscape Act commenced on Monday 14 August 2023. This independent review (as required by section 249 of the Landscape Act) will look at the effectiveness and operation of the Landscape Act since commencement.

A copy of the Terms of Reference which further outlines the scope and conduct of the Independent Review can be found here.

A full report on the review process can be found here.

Public consultation via YourSAy has now concluded.

Independent reviewer

Hon John Hill, former member of Parliament (1997-2014) including Minister for the Environment (2002- 2006), has been appointed to conduct the independent review.
Appointment details are available at page 2086: Government Gazette.

Mr Hill will operate independently from the landscape boards and agencies and report directly to the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water.

Advisory Group

An Advisory Group has been established to support the Independent Reviewer by providing high level and specialist advice on the operation and effectiveness of the Landscape Act, or on any other matter related to the review, as requested by the Independent Reviewer.

The Advisory Group consists of the following nominated members:

  • Hon John Hill (Independent Reviewer and Chair of the Advisory Group)
  • Mr David Greenhough (Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board)
  • Mr Chris Daniels (Green Adelaide)
  • Mr Andrew Meddle (Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board)
  • Ms Kirsty Bevan (Nature Conservation Society of SA, representing Conservation Council of SA)
  • Ms Caroline Rhodes (Primary Producers SA)
  • Mr Andrew Lamb (Local Government Association of SA)
  • Ms Alice Fistr (Primary Industries and Regions SA)
  • Ms Cate Hart (Department for Environment and Water)
  • Ms Sandy Carruthers (Department for Environment and Water)
  • Mr Dan Jordan (Department for Environment and Water)


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