At Stenhouse Bay, Yorke Peninsula, lies the remains of the four-masted barque Hougomont. In April 1932 the barque Hougomont was dismasted in a brief but fierce gale near Kangaroo Island. Despite the vessel reaching Port Adelaide safely, the owners opted to dispose of it rather than undergo costly repairs.

On 8 January 1933 the Hougomont was towed to the site and deliberately scuttled as a breakwater for vessels loading gypsum at the nearby jetty.


Hougomont 365

Location: -35.281338°S 136.944722°E

Vessel type: 4-masted barque

Hougomont was built in 1897 by Scott Shipbuilding and Engineering Company of Greenock, Scotland for J. Hardie and Co. of Glasgow.

Today the full length of the hull of the Hougomont lies on the seabed at Stenhouse Bay, at a depth of about 9m. The bow and stern sections stand upright, although the majority of the vessel has collapsed.

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