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Seascapes, landscapes and communities

The department plays a lead role in determining ecological systems that require protection. Armed with knowledge gained from our science and other researchers, the department is working with other agencies and the community to restore large areas of degraded habitats through various programs. These programs are supported by sound ecological knowledge combined with social and economic considerations and will create both immediate and long-term benefits to South Australia.

Research in seascapes, landscapes and communities assists in the management of land and marine natural resources. It includes mapping of vegetation and marine habitats, landscape ecology, and the development of restoration techniques and best practice for landscapes and ecological communities. We require a greater understanding of the interdependency between communities of people and ecological communities, landscapes and seascapes in order to maintain a balance with our natural environment. The department is focusing on partnerships to increase our knowledge in these areas.

The department's marine management is based on scientific evidence through the ecosystem-based management framework. A component of the framework has been developed to assist managers and policy makers to gain a greater understanding about potential impacts on the marine environment and on other users when considering how it is used. Communities of people are integral to resource use decisions.

Landscape scale management is one of the keys to No Species Loss - A Biodiversity Strategy for SA 2007-2017.

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