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Getting the right advice

If you are considering conservation works or development that affects a State Heritage Place or property within a State Heritage Area, advice from an experienced heritage consultant is recommended.

Advice on conserving State Heritage Places is available from Heritage South Australia or you may wish to engage a private heritage consultant or heritage architect who can offer professional heritage and conservation advice. See our Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants.

An experienced heritage consultant may provide advice and assistance on the following matters:

  • plan repairs, maintenance, colour schemes and conservation work, and find suitably skilled contractors
  • avoid potentially costly mistakes that compromise the heritage significance of the place and possibly its market value
  • understand technical advice from contractors and tradespeople, particularly in cases of conflicting advice
  • plan alterations, additions and renovations that are sympathetic to the heritage significance of the place
  • reinstate missing elements such as fences, landscaping and other lost features and fittings that contribute to the heritage significance of the place

Heritage South Australia also produces publications containing practical conservation advice on issues such as painting, rising damp, cleaning stone masonry and creating a maintenance check list.

For more information on any aspect of development affecting State Heritage Places please contact the Conservation Team in Heritage South Australia on (08) 8124 4922 or email DEW.StateHeritageDA@sa.gov.au.

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