Adapting to Climate Change

Despite global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, impacts from climate change are inevitable. Adapting to climate change involves planning and action by individuals, communities and businesses to cope with the effects of a changing climate.

Why do we need to adapt to climate change?

Projections for South Australia indicate warmer and drier conditions and rising sea levels across much of the state with an increased risk of severe weather events including storms, flooding, heatwaves, drought and bushfires.

These changes will affect our individual health and wellbeing, along with the key industries and resources that underpin the state's economy.

Building resilience and adapting

The South Australian Climate Change Actions includes a range of actions that support South Australian communities, industries, businesses and the environment build resilience and adapt to climate change by managing risk and harnessing opportunities.

The Department for Environment and Water also works across government on initiatives that support climate change adaptation including Stronger Together - South Australia's Disaster Resilience Strategy, Healthy Parks, Healthy People SA, coastal adaptation, and bushfire risk and recovery actions.

Locally based adaptation plans and initiatives are in place to support communities, business and individuals adapt to, and mitigate the economic, social and environmental impacts of climate change.

Find out more about the regional adaptation planning process, read the plans, and learn how the Regional Climate Partnerships are progressing climate action.

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