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First Nations partnerships

Aboriginal people are the First Peoples and Nations of South Australia and we have a long history of working with First Nations in most aspects of our work.

DEW is committed to building its capacity and developing a range of policies and programs to support more equitable relationships with First Nations through its Reconciliation Action Plan. We acknowledge we have much work to do.

Our partnerships

Our partnerships include co-management of protected areas, partnerships in water resource management, fire management, ranger employment, training and broader natural resources and conservation initiatives.

These partnerships recognise First Nations’ rights, interests and obligations to speak for their Country, support First Nations connection to Country, and adhere to the terms of any agreements between Aboriginal Nations and South Australian or Australian Governments, under a general principle of inclusiveness. They include Co-management Agreements and the Narungga Buthera and Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan Agreements.


A library of stories and publications relating to our First Nations’ partners.

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If you would like more information about the DEW's First Nations partnerships please call 8204 9363 or email us.