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Resources for Students and Teachers

Green Adelaide offers a suite of professional development opportunities for school teachers involved in Nature Education. Green Adelaide are a statutory board established in July 2020 by the Government of South Australia, with a vision to create a cooler, greener, wilder and climate-resilient Adelaide that celebrates our unique culture.

Sustainable Schools is a free program offered by Green Adelaide to help you teach about and connect to the natural world, lead informed action, and enable active citizens. Sustainable Schools provides a range of tools, resources and support strategies to help you:

  • develop a shared vision for sustainability
  • embed sustainability into your school/preschool culture, curriculum and practice
  • link with other school communities and service providers
  • design hands-on learning (building frog ponds, vegetable plots and butterfly gardens)
  • investigate wildlife and create habitat in your school and beyond
  • become a hub for sustainability education with your local communities.

Sustainable Schools aligns with the Australian Curriculum and Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

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