Climate change is a key threatening process to natural systems and everything that relies on those systems. It affects soil processes, water cycles, biodiversity, fire frequency and intensity and the spread of pests and disease. Communities that depend on these natural resources will need to adapt to maintain and improve their quality of life. A changing climate is a significant challenge to the sustainable management of our soils and landscapes and DEW is proactive in addressing climate risk to achieve a sustainable natural resources base for the current and future generations of South Australians.

DEW is supporting management of natural resource systems that are adaptive and resilient to the impacts of climate change. Failure to adapt may expose South Australian agricultural landscapes to severe and long-term consequences, including soil degradation, reduced productivity, threats to biosecurity, less reliable water availability and the loss of unique and essential natural systems and species. Acting now will minimise the detrimental impacts of climate change and is likely to reduce costs in the long term.

DEW is well positioned to contribute to South Australia’s response to a changing climate and provides strategic policy advice, programs and support for a landscape scale approach to conservation and sustainable land use and management. This includes contributing to the delivery of the State and Federal Government's climate change strategies.

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