We have a botanical staff with expertise in taxonomic principles and traditional morphological methodology to which has been added new expertise in molecular genetics and phylogenetic methodology. They are well abreast of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, taxonomic publication and phylogenetics.

Herbarium staff

Christopher Brodie
Ainsley Calladine
Peter Canty
Dr Jürgen Kellermann
Dr Peter J. Lang
Dr Teresa Lebel
Martin O'Leary
Carolyn Ricci
Helen Vonow
Professor Michelle Waycott

Honorary Research Associates

Robert Baldock
Robyn M Barker
Dr WR (Bill) Barker
Pam Catcheside
Dr RJ (Bob) Chinnock
Doug Fotheringham
Dr Laurie Haegi
Dr Hellmut Toelken

Research Affiliates

Dr John Conran
Associate Professor Molly Whalen